2 April | residential

The vertical structure begins

With the installation of the tower crane at the beginning of the month things have really ramped up 

Excavation of the site is now complete with 30,000 tonne of sand removed, making way for stage one of the Basement Raft Slab.

At one metre thick the Basement Raft Slab is an engineering feat. It’s the ultimate footing support system for the entire 22 & 10 storey towers as well as a Hydrostatic Slab preventing water table pressure entering the basement. Because of its size it will be completed in three stages which total 600t of steel and 2,000 cubic metres of concrete (4,800t).

A 26 man crew of steel fixers have already installed 220 tonnes of heavy bar steel reinforcement to strengthen the stage one slab (stage one of three). The waterproof, high strength concrete slab took a 30 man team, 115 concrete trucks, two pumps and 8hrs to complete.

Incredibly, GWH have also installed the first 12 double height vertical columns on the basement level. This efficiency is all due to their integration with the Hunter Construction Group and building The GWH WAY 


  • Completed Excavation of site - 30,000 tonnes of sand
  • Tower crane installed and running
  • 26 man team began steel reinforcing for raft Slab
  • Stage one Raft Slab pour
  • First structural columns installed

(all footage and images contained in the video above were shot on or prior to 16th March)

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