8 April | residential

The final weeks at 121Elder

March has seen some dramatic changes to the appearance of our Lambton construction site. 

We must say, we think things are looking good for both 121Elder and 16 Grainger Street!

Internally at 121Elder, apartments are being finalised. Both Ground floor and Level One apartments are all nearing completion with the final big install item, the flooring, going in. Level Two is not far behind with kitchens all complete. Plus the ground floor retail suites have had the glazing installed! Our foyer has been sheeted, painted and has now also had the marble tiling installed. It is welcoming and stylish!

Around the building, scaffolding is coming down piece by piece. On Grainger street it has been removed totally and on Elder Street we have some final touches before completing the big unveil!

Meanwhile, our commercial building in Grainger Street is coming along at pace. Completion is expected in June! The team has been charging, with panels, steel and concrete slabs already complete. Roofing and glazing has begun and will continue next week!

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