11 July | residential

The countdown to the top is on!

We saw the first half of 2019 wrap up at Highpoint with the completion of another structural level, level 10.

Looking back, we began the year at the bottom, and by the end of June we saw Highpoint take out the title for being the tallest building in Lake Macquarie, with level 10 sitting 132m above sea level and just shy of 40m above ground!

A structural level continued to be delivered every 7 working days in June, all whilst fit-out moved ahead at a fast rate within the lower levels. Multiple trades completed ‘roughing in’ up to level 4 and gyprock installation also got underway during the month. 

Every day is now a big day on site. Alongside the GWH construction team are those from our build partners, GWH’s Preferred Partners. With over 23 years experience in the industry, GWH has built lasting professional relationships with many local suppliers, trades and service providers. Our Preferred Partners move with us, from job to job, they are a part of why GWH continues to deliver possibilities through property. We see the value in working with locals who hold similar values, those that we know, trust and recommend for getting the job done, efficiently, safely and to the high standard we strive for.

During June, 37 companies worked alongside GWH and our Highpoint site team manages those coming and going seamlessly. Walking through the lower levels, individual apartments are framed out, services are in and gyprocking is going on the walls. It has all started coming together.

We are now not months, but only weeks from reaching the rooftop, which will sit prominently 154 m above sea level and 52.2m above ground floor, owning the best view in the region. The countdown to the top is on.

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