21 August | residential


Whilst we continue upward with Highpoint’s final suspended slabs, under the scaffold, GWHs fit-out trades have been setting a cracking pace.

From level 1 through to 4 we now have walls set, sanded and painted. On these levels we also have tiling and waterproofing works well underway. As we complete the wetroom prep, we will start to see the installation of kitchen cabinetry, benchtops, floor coverings and bathroom cabinetry.

Highpoint’s bathroom and laundry cabinetry will be supplied by Marquis, a local manufacturer with a proud and long history of delivering the highest level of cabinetry. Marquis is a family owned business based in Taylors Beach, Port Stephens who has been producing quality Australian made bathroom solutions for over 40 years and GWH is excited to be working with Marquis to deliver custom designed cabinetry for Highpoint. 

Within the higher levels, the fit-out of wall framing continues, we are up to level 11 - just 5 levels are left to be framed! The structure at Highpoint is creeping ever closer to the height of the tower crane and by the end of August we expect to pour the final suspended slab of the building, our rooftop.

This time next month, Highpoint will have reached its highest height, kitchens will have begun and bathrooms will be well underway!

We are charging forward, getting ever closer to move in day!

View the Highpoint project.

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