18 February | news

Strata living | Everything you need to know

Strata, what does it really mean and what do you need to know?

There are many pieces to the strata puzzle and we recognise that it can become confusing when looking to move into a Strata managed property, especially for the first time.

There are many questions and misinformation out there, and given that Newcastle and the greater region is currently in a growth period for high rise residential living, it is a topic we wanted to help to clarify.

To help break it down, GWH recently teamed up with one of NSW’ top Strata Management firms Bright & Duggan for an open discussion event, with guests able to ask any question and sort fact from fiction on all things strata. Covering topics including sharing common space, strata management, levies, funds, by-laws and handling disputes, Andrew Terrell from Bright & Duggan, the strata specialist, answered it all.

Just some of the questions were:

  • How do costs compare to living in your own home, paying insurances and doing your own maintenance?

  • Where will fees go and how do I know it is being managed correctly and transparently?

  • How are defects managed in a new development?

In case you missed the event, we have put together a snapshot from the evening. Click the below link to view.

Bright Duggan x GWH - Strata Living.pdf

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