7 March | news

New Recruits take the Tour!

Our newest team members were recently invited to learn more about our integration with Hunter Construction Group by touring each business with Company Director Grahame Chevalley. Something that is encourage for all team members, the tour works its way through Hunter Readymixed Concrete, Hunter Civilab, Hunter Structural Steel, Hunter Windows, Hunter Precast, with the team finishing the day off at Hunter Quarries, located in Karuah.

“The tour has definitely become a highlight of my time in GWH - Never had I thought I’d be visiting a quarry someday! Besides, it was nice to see what those lines we draw on the computer screen actually translates to! Ripper of a day!”                           

Guilherme (Junior Draftsperson)

The tour allows our people to gain a further understanding of our long-standing integrated partnerships that allow access to a high quality specialist construction network. Displayed through recent projects such as Sky Residences and Darby Plaza along with a number of commercial and residential projects, our unique integrated partnerships allow for unprecedented transparency across all our projects. New team members are able to understand how our capabilities are put into action and used to ensure high quality materials are across all GWH projects.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Hunter group tour, to be able to see the cohesion, hard work and effort that is put in between the Hunter group and the final product of a GWH building was eye opening”.   

- Elliott (Estimator)

At GWH, we’re big believers in providing our people the opportunities and challenges they need to grow. We thrive on building employees up, as buildings go up. By running these tours GWH are able to provide deeper understanding and insights into how our unique integration contributes to our ability to deliver the highest quality projects in the region.


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