26 November | residential

Excavation and footings are complete, with Highpoint's slab and walls not too far away!

The sun continues to shine as we get set for pouring the slab!

Works at Highpoint really kicked into gear during Spring. The rain stayed away during October and November and we are looking at a fairly dry summer ahead. The recent dry spell helped the basement levels to dry out, making life easier for everyone. Also helping life on site, the stormwater drainage system install commenced and is assisting with ground water management.

Excavation is almost complete! In recent weeks the Excavation Team on site reached the lowest point of the building at the base of the level 3 basement carpark. Works are now focused on bringing Highpoint up and out of the ground.  To do this we will finalise the shotcreting of the basement levels and finish off the building’s footings.

Detailed excavation around the piles for the toe beam; a thickened shotcrete wall at the bottom of the basement walls which provides lateral support, is now complete. The first day of shotcreting for the toe beam was executed last Friday with hopes to complete the last of it by the end November. Once this is complete, all external walls in the basement are complete.

The footings of the building are taking shape, with the first 30 tonnes of steel cages being placed, and only a few more to come. A major milestone was hit last week with the first of the footings being poured on site, including the blinding layer for the lift and fire stairs, which is centrally located within the Highpoint building. Hunter Readymixed Concrete were on site on Friday and had one big day of pouring with 48m3 of concrete poured in just 4 hours. During the final week of November, the plumbing team will finish off the stormwater system allowing the remaining footings to be dug before placing the final cages and concrete pouring occurs.

From this point a final trim of the ground will occur, in preparation for the the slab on ground to be poured from which we build upward. Highpoint, from now, begins its climb toward its record height

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