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Acoustics in Apartment Living with GWH

When contemplating apartment living, it's crucial to factor in the acoustic capabilities of your building. Given the potential impact of noise on our wellbeing, this consideration is paramount. The quality of materials and construction methodology directly influences noise levels, making it reasonable to expect a certain standard of acoustic performance when purchasing a premium apartment.  

At GWH, meticulous attention is paid to every facet of building design to ensure optimal acoustic performance. During the planning phase, thorough local environmental sound monitoring is conducted, considering the building envelope and selecting construction materials to meet the site's acoustic needs. Although not obligatory, during the construction phase of the project, GWH incorporates on-site physical acoustic testing into our building quality and assurance process to ensure we not only meet but exceed expected construction performance standards.

From partition walls, glazing and flooring, to the implementation of sound reverberation treatments, each decision is informed by a rigorous adherence to project-specific criteria and compliance standards. Working with our preferred partners and integrated businesses allows us access to quality products, affording us peace of mind that we will deliver buildings providing peaceful living experiences.

Precast concrete structural wall and flooring systems are an integral part of the construction process at GWH. Hunter Precast design, manufacture and install our concrete panels to deliver high-level performance in thermal comfort, durability, resistance to fire and flood, and acoustic separation to ensure a quality lifestyle in apartment buildings.

Utilising a range of acoustic related criteria, our high performance windows are individually measured, designed, constructed, and installed by Hunter Windows. Specific glazing choices are selected to disrupt sound waves, significantly reducing unwanted noise from outside, whilst precise measuring and sealing of each window aims to eliminate sound leakage around the frame. The meticulous measuring and sealing of each window further enhance acoustic performance and ultimately enhances comfort for residents living in urban environments. 

To achieve optimal acoustic results in flooring, GWH uses high-quality materials, good design, and precise installation techniques to ensure the effectiveness of acoustically rated elements separating spaces. Using independent acoustic consultants across the course of the construction, apartments are randomly selected and tested to ensure optimal performance. This process verifies that the specifications for acoustic materials, design intent, and construction details have been properly implemented and that the desired acoustic performance has been achieved.

From sound insulation to the mitigation of internal noise and vibrations, our commitment to the stringent standards outlined by the National Construction Code is unwavering. This comprehensive approach guarantees that upon completion, our developments not only meet, but often surpass all acoustic standards earning them certification. For our purchasers living in our buildings, this means when you step into your home, you will enjoy the peace and quiet, privacy and luxury that you would expect from a luxury apartment.

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