3 October | residential

One level at a time | A snapshot of Highpoint's progress

Highpoint is due for completion early in 2020, between now and then, the GWH site team will be managing teams of trades, each working on varying elements to finalise each and every apartment.

Similarly to our structural build, we will complete a level at a time. Each level we will work through a schedule of installations, beginning with framing out of the internal walls, roughing in of services, sheeting, setting, sanding and painting. This is followed by internal tiling, kitchen and stone benchtop install, wardrobe and bathroom fit offs, external balcony waterproofing and tiling, and flooring installs.

Outside, we also have an amount of external landscaping and structures to complete, including the build of our Rooftop Terrace and the Podium Entertainment Terrace. The structural elements of the Rooftop Terrace are already underway, the covered outdoor area is midway through build and will be followed by the install of planter boxes, seating areas, tiling and balustrades.

Our first completed apartment is scheduled for completion by mid November - we are excited to see it all come together and to be able to share with you the finished product. Stay tuned for details on this to come later this month!

From Level One all the way to the top, a snapshot of where we are up to on each level is below! 

Rooftop | Midway through completing the terrace structures

Level 16 | Stripping complete, ready for floor preparation

Level 15 | Framing complete, roughing in of services underway

Level 14 | Roughing in of services

Level 11 - 13 | Sheeting completed plus painting is beginning

Level 10 | Painting complete, tiling also complete, kitchens arriving ready for install

Level 9 | Indoor bathroom and laundry tiling finished and kitchens beginning to be installed

Level 8 | Indoor bathroom and laundry tiling complete

Level 7 | Ceiling painting complete, kitchen cabinetry installed

Level 6 | Kitchen cabinetry installed

Level 4 - 5 | Kitchen stone benches installed

Level 2 - 3 | Outdoor balconies waterproofing complete ready for tiling

Level 1 | Fitting off of kitchen, laundry and bathrooms items; toilets, sinks and tubs.

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