10 October | news

ONE Apartments October Construction Update

We're excited to announce that the piling work for ONE Apartments is now 100% complete.

All thanks to the continued resolve of our team and partners and a great run of weather, the successful installation and testing of the 198 load bearing piles was completed at the end of September. This keeps us on schedule for a great run of works to see out the year.

With one major milestone down, we're moving straight onto the next. You can expect to witness the exciting sight of the GWH tower crane rising into the Newcastle City skyline by mid-October. Thanks to great programming from our team the crane base has already been successfully installed, with 166m3 of concrete required.

With the crane installed, we’ll begin the final detailed excavations throughout October. This will also include the safe removal of the remaining spoil from site. With the groundwork now firmly established, the team can begin capping the piles and forming and pouring the concrete footings. These footings will serve as another form of reinforcement for our foundations and will be completed throughout October and November.

Hear from Project Manager Bradley Aldous and GWH/RE Licensee in Charge Peter Kunov for an update on all the progress.

This leads us to what we consider one of the most exciting milestones. The slab on ground and the first structural columns are expected to be poured and installed before the end of 2023. We are very much looking forward to achieving this, because from there we’re out of the ground and heading up.


  • All 198 piles have been completed
  • Removal of excess soil from piles to be carried out
  • Crane base recently filled with 166m3 of concrete
  • Crane to be installed mid October
  • Piling Caps & footings Installed throughout November
  • Slab on ground in November
  • First structural columns installed before end of year

With over 50% of the total development already sold, it's clear that this development has struck a chord with those seeking a luxury inner-city lifestyle. Along with the incredible residential facilities GWH has planned for the future with the inclusion of electric bike and car chargers, along with a convenient wash bay to keep your vehicles in top condition. This commitment to eco-friendly living aligns perfectly with the modern urban lifestyle. 

For more information on ONE Apartments, click here.

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