5 September | news

CREST Georgetown August Construction Update

40 piles down, 63 to go! 
With the piling rig now on site, the team are hard at work installing over 100 piles to depths ranging from 5 to 9 meters. These piles will require a significant amount of concrete, totalling more than 290m3. The next step will be the installation of pile caps, which will help distribute the load of the building. The team will also commence the inground services works by early October, involving the installation of power, water, and sewer throughout the building.

Hear from Project Manager Richard Stanton and GWH/RE Licensee in Charge Peter Kunov for an update on all the progress.

Following the completion of the piles, footings and inground services, the installation of the tower crane will be completed around mid-October. This significant step in the building’s timeline will allow for the construction of level one to commence where the building will really start to take shape.


  • Piling rig has only 63 piles to go!
  • Footings to be completed late September
  • Tower Crane to arrive onsite in early October
  • Ground slab to be poured by mid-October 

The CREST Georgetown development has generated a lot of interest and as a result, there are now only three 3-bedroom apartments left in the development. This scarcity indicates the popularity of the project and the demand for these boutique apartments being on-of-a-kind in the area.

For more information on CREST Georgetown, click here.

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