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Buying off-the-plan uncovered

When you buy with GWH, the GWH team are with you the whole way; from your initial enquiry to when we hand you your keys. For most, the journey of buying off-the-plan is an unknown and a totally new experience. 

It can be a great way to secure your new property with less pressure and competition than buying an existing property. It gives you more time to save towards the deposit and mortgage and more time to prepare for the move. 

Buying off the plan has many benefits. You’re buying a brand new property complete with brand new fixtures, fittings and appliances, often close to core infrastructure and greater lifestyle opportunities. Most importantly and different to purchasing an older property, there is often more, much more time for you to organise your move.

Whether your purchase is within one of our developments or you purchase somewhere else, GWH wants to support you in making an informed decision. To assist you in making the right decision at the right time, so to ensure you don’t miss out, we have put together an overview of what it looks like to buy off-the-plan.

The guide is there to get you accustomed to the process and clarify some areas of question you might have. Outlining the benefits and differences to buying existing property, an example timeline of what occurs along the way and a quick guide to some of the jargon. 

GWH is here to assist in anyway; we’re building for life, so you move forward and thrive.

Check-out the guide below.
DOWNLOAD - Everything you need to know: Purchasing off the plan PDF

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