23 July | news

We're Building for Life

GWH was founded with a genuine ambition: to empower and enable you to invest, own, live and work in the types of property you could only have imagined. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to understand the reality of what is going on in the lives and communities of those around us. With the backing of a rare blend of extensive local knowledge, highly skilled teams and our unique vertically-integrated business partnerships, we develop end-to-end solutions that not only enable people to move forward and thrive, but also empower them to achieve beyond imagination. 

Built by locals for the locals, today's GWH stands as a testament to over 27 years of innovation aimed at streamlining and enhancing the entire building process from beginning to end. This remarkable achievement owes its success to our greatest asset - the incredible team we have built. We firmly believe in building our team up as buildings go up, empowering them with opportunities to grow and lift the boundaries of what they think is possible. Our proudest accomplishment lies in fostering one of the most supportive cultures within the industry, uniting forward-thinking experts who share the same ambition. 

Our passion lies in constantly pushing the boundaries, challenging ourselves, our clients, and each other to explore what is possible and transform them into reality. Our impeccable track record of 100% completion stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication of our team, who consistently go above and beyond to exceed expectations. Committed to preserving and enhancing our beloved local community, we are driven by a deep sense to continue building for life.

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